Camden Town's by London,
England's famous city;
The River Fleet, young not wide,
Washing the fields to the southern side;
A pleasanter spot you've never spied; 
But then begins my ditty
(With apologies to Robert Browning, ‘Pied Piper of Hamelin’)

Camden Town through History describes the origins, building and life on the estate created by Lord Camden from 1790 through into the twentieth century.  The web site was originally created for Rochester Conservation Area as a part of Camden Town.


The Menu at the top of the page has these links:

  • The Museum pages provide detail across origins of the estate land, the pattern and control of building, experiences of living including society and business and a short look at more modern times
  • The Stories pages are narratives and academic articles
  • The Conservation pages present Rochester Conservation Area and reclaiming Camden Town through history.

There is an Index of the web pages and topic files


The material here is developed from a university dissertation on Camden Town as a Georgian suburb.  Traditionally, local history is published in books. Web publication offers more flexibility with material and wider access.

It is based on  sources and secondary bibliography, with the support of Camden History Society.

This web site is newly launched for May 2019 … but it is still in improvement – please forgive the glitches

n.b. The web pages’ proprietary system, at present, only allows searching the thematic pages (in .html)  through the search box – the linked documents (in .pdf) cannot be searched.  The Index page lists the .pdf documents.