Camden Town – origins

How was Camden Town built?

How did people live there in the past?

And  how may this heritage affect our future?

Demesne of Cantlowes - Camden Town Estate

It started more than 200 years ago …

Charles Pratt, Lord Camden, inherited 220 acres of farm land from the family of his wife Elizabeth Jeffreys.

The land, called the Demesne of Cantlowes, was leased from the canons of St Paul’s Cathedral. It was countryside, with just one inn and one farm house

King panorama-2
The fields of Cantlowes – looking northeast from Kings Road

In 1788, Lord Camden gained an Act of Parliament to build houses on the land – which was soon called ‘Camden Town’.

Camden Town around 1800 (Thompson map of St Pancras)
Camden Town around 1800 (Thompson map of St Pancras)

The Demesne of Cantlowes became the Camden Town Estate, a Georgian suburb as London extended around it.