High Street Camden Town, 1888

Welcome – This site presents the history of Camden Town, a part of inner London built on land owned by Lord Camden.

Origins – While Palaeolithic fossils have been found,  written records go back to Mediaeval England. The land and manor of Cantlowes, owned by the clergy of St Paul’s Cathedral, were described in the Domesday survey of 1088 and the Parliamentary survey of 1649.    The lease was bought by the Jeffreys family in 1682. Lord Camden inherited the land through his wife, Elizabeth Jeffreys, and gained an Act of Parliament to allow building roads and houses in 1788.

The building of houses and streets was through collaboration between landlords and speculative builders, under the control of estate managers and architects including Joseph Kay.

People living in Camden Town in the nineteenth century had employment in serivice, in business, as artisans, artists and professionals, with places of worship, education and recreation.

Debates for Camden Town’s future depend on recognising its boundaries and coherence for planning and development, drawing on archive sources and historical interpretation.

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Mark McCarthy