The material for these pages has been gratefully drawn from various sources.

Camden History Society, formed fifty years ago, has a regular Newsletter and annual Review, as well as localised specialist reports such as the series Streets of Camden. Camden Local Studies and History Centre has materials for the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Camden New Town History Project has regular meetings and a web page.

Documents on the land inherited by Lord Camden and developed as the Camden Town estate are  deposited in the London Metropolitan Archives, and the correspondence is preserved at Kent Archives and Local History in Maidstone.



Through its Discovery search point, the English National Archive has entries about individuals and organisations. University and the British Library catalogues enable rapid searches. Databases such as the Internet Archive provide digital access to written materials.

The work on Camden Town in these web pages formed a dissertation for the Institute of Historical Research, University of London.  A bibliography is included.  The English tradition of local history seeks underlying structures and themes rather than immediate narratives.